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I'm impressed

I used to watch this community way back when and stopped because heroes stopped.. so I figured the madness may have stopped... though now heroes is back and i'm curious why the activity hasn't resumed.... can anyone shed any light?

by the by - if anyone is still here


******* EDIT*********** warning! spoilers in comments
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fic rec of awesomeness

So. I have been on an Ando kick recently. And, sure, there are plenty of stories featuring Hiro/Ando 'cause their love is so canon, but beyond that I haven't found many stories featuring more Ando and less Hiro. But I have found one that pings me particularly well-written, in character and is delightful to read.

Three Point Plan by toestastegood. It's 6,000 words of unrequited Ando/Mohinder (with a side of Hiro/Ando), set post-season 1 and AU's for season 2.

"His plan is full of the beautiful, intelligent simplicity that Ando likes to pride himself on. It goes something like this…"

toestastegood breathes so much light into Ando. I'm so captivated by the fic. This is the Ando I oh-so-desperately want to see more of in the show. It's definitely a must-read.

Does anyone have any good Ando recs? Hiro/Ando, sure, and I've seen Adam/Ando kind of grow in popularity, but how about the Ando/Niki stuff? Anyone written that or something else? (ANYTHING else, please?) Or, um, am I going to have to host an Ando-a-thon in order to populate the Internet with more fic, art and perhaps vids featuring one Ando Masahashi?
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Bob the Haitian vid

I've posted a vid to Blue Man Group's "Persona" here. It's intended to be a character study of this community's namesake (lack-of-name-sake?), who is, as many before me have pointed out, written more as a plot device than a character.
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vid: Grace Cathedral Hill, and bonus Maya meta

I have a meta vid about Maya and in the vid post I go into my reasons for vidding her and my angst surrounding her character. I thought this would be the perfect place to crosspost first.

Grace Cathedral Hill
Pairing: Maya character study
song/artist: "Grace Cathedral Hill" by The Decemberists
length/size: 3:49, 39MB DivX AVI
spoilers: Through 2x11 "Powerless"
download at: mediafire, sendspace, megaupload or watch it on iMeem (also embedded in my journal)

When all the city lights blind your eyes / are you feeling better now?

This vid came about when I realized how much Maya hateage there was on the Internet. I understand this sentiment, really. Either people are annoyed by her character or they are embarrassed by her. Sometimes Usually both. She's been called whiny and naive, or outright stupid. Whether they hate her because of who she is or how badly she was written seems to be equally divided amongst fans. I can see why they feel this way, but I am still inexplictably drawn to Maya and her pain. I can relate to her subconcious dependency on men. I just.. I like Maya. *cont*
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If this isn't permitted, feel free to delete.

I just feel bad that Monica Dawson, the character has such little representation as a whole in the Heroes fandom (I've only seen two fics featuring her - ever - and in one, she was a supporting character and the other was a haiku), so I was thinking of creating a community dedicated to her.

So really, I'm just asking to gauge interest. Would you guys join/post at a Monica comm?

EDIT: The community is now open!! mimic_it
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Vid rec!

I'm sure pretty much everyone has figured out that I haven't been too happy with the show lately, so here's some stuff that made me happy about the show!

some_stars has made Jack or, Adventures Reading Against the Text, a constructed-reality vid that is about the Heroes I want to watch (spoilers through mid-S2).

While I'm at it, heresluck made People Get Ready (spoilers through 1x22). coffeeandink writes about the way it re-envisions gender and race in the show.

charmax made The Wreckoning, a kickass Niki/Jessica vid (S1 spoilers).

shati made Perfect Memory, about Claire (spoilers through 1x17), and Help Is Coming, about Claire and Hiro (spoilers through S1 finale). She's also got recs for selenak's Heroes fic (spoilers through 2x09. I haven't read the fic yet, but am excited!).

cherryice made Don't Panic, also a Claire vid (spoilers through 1x17).

I haven't actively been looking for Heroes vids or fic, so I may have missed a lot of stuff. Anyone else have recs?