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an innovative dabbler [userpic]
A Call to Action
by an innovative dabbler (technosage)
at November 20th, 2007 (03:21 pm)
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After considerable discussion this past week, and in coordination with ktempest's Save Heroes efforts, I've posted a
call to action for leveraging the access to NBC we've been given and the strike-hiatus to urge improvements in the writing of POCs, ethnic minorities, and women on Heroes.

I know you care about the show or you wouldn't be here. Please consider participating. I'm tired of being ashamed of loving this show.


Posted by: The Multilingual Kitten (kali_kali)
Posted at: November 21st, 2007 03:28 am (UTC)

Thank you for mentioning ethnic minorities as well. I'm sick of stereotyping on that front on TV as well (and it is personal for me, being as I'm an ethnic minority). In this case, my main problem rests with portrayals of Eastern Europeans - we're always evil. And not only that, we're always Russian, even if not in Russia. Sure, there are Russians all over Eastern Europe, but can't the rest of us get some play sometimes too?

And of course the "Italians have mob connections" part as well, for the Petrellis. (But that brings up another annoyance I have with the portrayal of ethnic minorities on TV - unless they are immigrants/non-residents of North America, they never speak their ethnic languages - when have we ever seen Nathan or Peter speak Italian? Just once I'd like a character on TV that is an ethnic minority, that is North American-born, that speaks their family's language. But it never happens, because on TV, to exist, they need to give it up to blend in with mainstream white society. Argh. I've never accepted that load of bull, and will speak my language, thankyouverymuch.)

Sorry for the rant, just needed to get that out, before I dive in to watching last night's episode. From the bits I've read thus far about it, I'm sure there will be further rage to come regarding sexism and racism.

Posted by: an innovative dabbler (technosage)
Posted at: November 21st, 2007 03:41 am (UTC)

*nods* I was actually using that to refer to Jews (Bob, Maury, Hana) and Muslim Semites actually, though there's certainly plenty of stereotyping of white ethnicities on Heroes as well. There's a lot of lazy writing in general.

OTOH, I don't think our campaign will deal with the stereotyping of the Petrellis, for example. Despite the Petrellis "mob connections", they've been developed well and have the most powerful storylines and fullest characterizations on the show. Most of the secondary characters are badly handled in general, but there's a persistent and pernicious misuse of ostensibly lead POC characters as plot points within the arcs of the white characters.

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