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Bob the Haitian

For the women and POC of Heroes

A Community for POC and Women in Heroes
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Welcome to Bob the Haitian, a community for the characters of color (POC) and female characters in Heroes. Meta, episode discussion, fan fiction, fanart, and anything else you can think of is welcome, but it must somehow be about the POC or women of Heroes.

If anyone's curious, I named this "Bob the Haitian" because me and a whole bunch of other people got very sick of the fact that the Haitian continued to not have a name, much of a voice, or any agency.

This is a feminist, anti-racist community. Nothing is moderated right now, so please be polite to one another. I do, however, reserve the right to ban trolls and shut down abusive threads; this is not a comm to educate people on Anti-Racism 101 or Feminism 101. If you'd like to know more about anti-racism and feminism in general (or in fandom), there are some links here.

Please put anything even potentially spoilery behind a cut, even if it's for a previously aired episode. Other people may be just getting into the show or overseas or just catching up.

There will be a census (tag) for all the POC and women posted after each episode (hopefully).

I am the obsessive-compulsive mod of DOOM and will be putting things in tags and LJ memories all the time.

If you'd like to contribute a link to your own post or someone else's, please feel free! Or if you'd like me to put it in one of the various link round-ups, comment here. You can also always link to episode write-ups in the episode-specific census posts.